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Event Notifications

Stay Informed and Proactive with Customizable Alert Options


Staying on top of activities and events within your Advanced Entry account is key for effective visitor and facility management. This article explains how to configure email, SMS, and mobile push notifications so you can promptly respond to important happenings.

Types of Notifications

Advanced Entry offers notifications for:

  • Questionnaire Alerts: Notified when a visitor submits a questionnaire.
  • Feedback Alerts: Informed instantly when someone leaves feedback.
  • Visitor Entry Alerts: Get real-time updates when a visitor enters or exits.
  • Temperature Screening Alerts: Alerted if there's a high-temperature reading during screening.
  • Overdue Visitor Alerts: Notified when a visitor has exceeded their expected stay.
  • Daily Entry Log Reports: Receive a daily email summary of all visitor activity.
  • Badge Printing Issues: Get instant alerts for any badge printing problems.
  • Vaccine Card Uploads: Notified when a new vaccine card is uploaded.
  • And More

Setting Up Email and SMS Notifications

  1. Go to Settings and select Alerts.
  2. Locate the notification type you want to enable.
  3. Enter email address(es) and/or phone number(s) to receive alerts.
  4. Click Save Settings.

Enabling Mobile Push Notifications

  1. Download the Advanced Entry mobile app (iOSAndroid).
  2. In the app profile, enable push notifications.
  3. Notifications will be pushed instantly when triggered.

Notifications serve as an essential part of your facility management strategy. They allow you to promptly respond to activities and events, reducing the risk of overlooked incidents and enabling quicker action. By staying informed in real-time, you can ensure a safer, more efficient environment for both visitors and staff. Don't miss out on crucial updates; enable notifications and take command of your facility's operations.